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  • Dunkirk



    "Film cameras were built for war. They are rugged machines developed to deal with extreme conditions. They are a large, heavy, and loud technology, a technology that was largely aided in its improvement and evolution by The Second World War. Like those war photographers of old who captured images of Hell-on-Earth, Christopher Nolan wants to place us on those bloody beachscapes of The Second World War, in the shoes of those that experienced it first-hand. We are simultaneously the camera…

  • The Lady from Shanghai

    The Lady from Shanghai


    Wonderfully twisted plot without the fat. A steamy, sweaty noir with an obtrusive camera that paints a fractured view of the world. But is Orson Welles's Irish accent one of the worst in audiovisual history?

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  • Godzilla



    Something is destroying the boats. Lost without trace, without explanation. The papers cry "naval mines", "undersea volcano".

    An old man tells a story: the legend of the mighty Godzilla, a giant, terrifying monster of old who will come ashore when the fish runs out. The fishermen's catch has dried up.

    A seaside village is destroyed. Footprints bigger than a man, oozing radiation.

    Mass hysteria. The politicians are sweaty and panicked. People want answers.

    He is coming: the approaching storm.


  • Okja



    “It’s all edible except the squeal.”

    Okja was hit with unfavourable criticism during its screening at the notoriously snobby Cannes Film Festival. As the opening credits rolled and the Netflix logo was, almost ironically, projected onto the big screen, it was met with boos from the audience. I can’t quite imagine any were booing when the end credits began to roll though. Okja is a film that deserves a wide release on the big screen: it is visually stunning, a…