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  • My Life in Pink

    My Life in Pink


    So beautiful I cannot summarize. Perfectly captures the conflict of being young and know you're trans.

  • The X Files

    The X Files


    This movie? Fucks. Like an extended xfiles episode but even more satisfying. The fan service? The continuation of plot? The cinematography? It's like a mega monster of the week episode but with more big movie action and long lasting impact of plot. I'm only halfway through so I'll finish this reciew later but Fuck Yeah

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  • Shrek Forever After

    Shrek Forever After


    this movie gave me a bit of a headache at the age of 9. did not expect my mans shrek to need to be taught  this lesson- he's been drinking the respect women juice all this time and just now he decides to be a dick?? okay :|

    also, way too many crying baby scenes. we get it. parenthood is a nightmare, move on please

  • Carol



    Despite the emotional levels that this movie could have brought, I was bored. Genuinely, I kept waiting for Carol to become completely unhinged and desperate under the growing pressure she felt in her marriage and as a mother, and yet the script would build and then dissapate. There was a lack of passion, not on the actors part but in direction. I did not believe for a single second that Therese and Carol were in love or even attracted to…