Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

It may surprise some people that I had never seen this movie until now. I don't think I would have truly appreciated it if I saw it a few months ago. A younger me would have just written it off as just a nice film that has a weird homage to 'Jules and Jim' at one point and made Adam Driver look like John Lurie, which worked surprisingly well. To me 'Frances Ha', is a film displaying one of my worst fears in life. The idea that everything is moving and I am just unable to grow-up. The choice to ground this movie in such a hard reality even makes it worse. The beautifully composed but stiff cinematography makes characters and events move while you just have to sit and watch it happen, kind of like time. I don't solely praise the camera though, the script and dialogue is fantastic. The story just keeps moving and never bores. Everyone in this cast really does give it their all, especially indie-mother Greta Gerwig. There is a reason why this film has become such a major indie staple. It shows that gross rut that is accepting adulthood and for many people my age, it is hard. As I take this journey, I think 'Frances Ha' is going to help through it. What can we say, we are baby.

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