Favorite films

  • A Fistful of Dollars
  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  • Amadeus
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena

Recent activity

  • The Night House

  • Marry Me

  • All That Jazz

  • Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Recent reviews

  • Superman III

    Superman III

    the climax of this movie.......,,,,,, i have not laughed that hard all year. i’m talking side splitting, tears streaming down my face. one of those five minute laughing fits you feel cleansed by when you can finally breathe again.
    it was so bad it wasn’t just good... it was transcendent. 
    thank you superman.

  • Ziegfeld Girl

    Ziegfeld Girl

    just a note for myself:
    edward everett horton is the the classic hollywood character actor you are always happy to see but when the movies over you always forget his name...

    a note for you:
    i hope you are doing well in these uncertain times. stay safe 💕

Popular reviews

  • New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve

    yes this movie is as bad as everyone says but it does serve a purpose if you ever find yourself spending time with your mother or grandmother and need a safe film to watch. you could spend an afternoon eating lemon cake with your mom-mom discussing which of the many stars in this film you like or don't like. hated katherine heigl, loved michelle pfeiffer and everyone is impressed that jon bon jovi wasn't as bad as they thought he'd be. overall not a bad way to spend an afternoon. it's all about perspective.

  • Identikit


    what do you call the genre where an a-list american actress in the 60’s/70’s experiences a lull in her career so she goes to europe to star in weird, dreamy, pulpy, off the wall films?
    cause that’s it... that’s my favorite genre.