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  • Chinatown



    Undoubtably a good movie, Jack Nicholson was great, but the story failed to keep my attention and lost me multiple times during its 130 minute runtime. Most of the characters and drama didnt feel impactful enough for me to really care I guess.
    Might have to give it a second chance further down the road.

  • Casablanca



    AFI Top 100 Club
    Film #4 - Casablanca

    "Here's looking at you kid."

    Just a few quick thoughts since I cant seem to be able to fabricate a coherent full review:

    Soo many great quotable lines, oh my god.
    Excellent Set-Design. Atmosphere was great. Everything felt so authentic. Great script. The characters and the story played beautifully off of each other. Great performances, especially the two leads. Wonderful character moments and a smooth ending to conclude the story.

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  • Solaris



    This one took me a bit but after several minutes of thinking it over and watching videos I've finally come to the conclusion what makes this great.
    It is about the questions it asks and how they are handled.

    What is it to be alive?
    What is it to be human?
    What are ideas?
    How do we love?

    We never come to any specific conclusions, life is an anomaly and therein lies its beauty.

    For anyone interested, here is a…

  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    I know it sounds cliché to say but I feel like this movie was made for me.

    The stylishness, the sexiness, the brilliant fight scenes, the gorgeous neon aesthetic, the camera movement, the historical german setting, the flair, the best soundtrack known to man (seriously these are all my favorite songs) and there was a fight sequence in a cinema playing Stalker!!! Pure spectacle and jaw-dropping stuntwork.
    I could practically see David Leitch winking at me.
    The story has, admittedly, some clarity issues but there is so much for me to love in this.