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  • Messiah of Evil

    Messiah of Evil


    dead coastlines, supermarkets, theatres and an eerie house with airport murals adorning the walls.

    Halloween 2019 #9

  • Haunt



    Why did she need a mirror to read ‘Dolls Eyes See All’ backwards?

    Overcoming past trauma through cathartic violent retribution (Don’t Breath) is such a gross trope I wish they’d stop - as if we cannot just empathise with their spooky situation without this

    Halloween 2019 #8

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  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    Interminable goosebumps lvl sequences set up like a multi-character quest ps1 game with awful cgi creatures screeching at piercing volumes.

    <3 ritchie & eddie though. The mystery of the novel, both stories running side-by-side, is lost here

    halloween 2019 #1

  • Let's Scare Jessica to Death

    Let's Scare Jessica to Death


    Beautiful, atmospheric and eerily reminiscent of silent hill (especially the score). Differentiating Jessica from The Haunting / Innocents etc. is how warm the lead is here and how she hides her instability behind a mask & dim smile throughout. I like the small community they are trying to build and the friend who spends all his time in the crops.

    Halloween 2019 #4