Ted ★★★

What Ted is... probably the year's funniest film.
What Ted isn't... a particularly good film.

Ted's plot is basic romcom guff with surprisingly few twists (apart from the romantic leads' embarrassing best mate being a talking Teddy Bear). It's kinda sexist, not the sex jokes, but in the way Mila Kunis isn't allowed to be as funny as the boys and has to do that stern "grow up" thing to the boys like female characters in these films always do. There is a transparent and largely redundant sub plot introduced solely to add some action to the last act...

...but, it is seriously funny, and profane, like a great standup routine bolted to a perfunctory plot. Wahlberg again shows his gift for comedy, and Ted is a very well realised character. Ultimately it made me laugh often, and laugh hard. Avoid reviews though, lots of spoilable stuff in there.

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