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  • Mac and Me

    Mac and Me


    Mac and Me was a film I never planned to watch. Two clips were enough for me, the scene of a boy in a wheelchair jetting down a hill into a lake and an alien teddy bear dancing in a McDonald’s was enough for me. Or perhaps, it wasn’t. My housemates were enjoying their Saturday night drinking and planned for a movie night. This was the one and the awful opening scene hooked me for a confusing but amusing ride.…

  • Rome, Open City

    Rome, Open City


    It’s a sin to open a review with an overused cliché, but in this case, it feels necessary to write this down. They don’t make films like this anymore. Rome, Open City is unique because it was made so soon after an event of national trauma within the ruins of a haunted city. That helped cement its place in cinematic history. This is a film built on the ruins of Rome, signifying the rise of Italian neorealism and radical change…

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  • Vagabond



    Agnes Varda is the grandmother of French New Wave and an inspiration for female filmmakers thanks to telling humanistic stories that are told from a female perspective. In 1985, she released Vagabond, a film about a drifter who is constantly on the road and distant from mainstream society. The vagabond is played by Sandrine Bonnaire, in one of her early roles that gave her prominence in French cinema.

    The title in French is Sans toit ni loi and means “with…

  • Something Different

    Something Different


    The title of this film is rather infuriating as it works perfectly or confuses me. It could be the worst part of Something Different. The debut film of Věra Chytilová and one of the films that signalled the Czech New Wave. The title is subtle, as you might concur that the film is straightforward telling easy to follow stories. However, it becomes something different.

    Something Different works as a subtle indicator, showing what it feels like in a system where…