Inception ★★★★★

This movie will always be ahead of its time.

I forgot how much I fucking love this movie. This one is special. Even before I became a cinephile, I've always seen this as one of the greats and it may have been what jumpstarted my love for Christopher Nolan. That man is a genius, and is one of the best directors in modern cinema right now, if not the best. 

Imagine writing a movie like this; hell, imagine directing a project like this. I’ll say it again, it’s genius. The sheer brilliance someone must have to imagine that, write it, and put it together in a cohesive and digestible package is so impressive. It’s compelling, interesting, and just complex enough to where you’ve still got questions yet don’t feel too lost and confused. It’s not easy to pull off something like that, but it’s masterfully executed and delivered upon. It makes for one of the greatest movies of the decade, and honestly of all time.

Watching this again was huge for my nostalgia too. The amazing and epic score by Hans Zimmer really hit, and the iconic scenes threw me back and was such an experience when I remembered them again while experiencing this with fresh eyes. The last 30 minutes of this film had me invested probably more in a film than I have with many films in a long time. 

This movie is more than a masterpiece. It’s a triumph of film, storytelling, and art. 

This is cinema.

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