It Chapter Two ★★

Ranked — 2019
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Listen—I love Stephen King, and I love It. He's not a perfect author, but his bibliography is so vast and imaginative that he's always been incredibly important to me, and It stands above the rest. But it's also a highly problematic and clunky book (part of what I love about it is how warts-and-all the behemoth feels) that deserved a bolder and more aggressive adaptation. Instead, It: Chapter Two largely sticks to its source material, and feels worse for it.

A big part of that has to be Andy Muschietti's direction. It's just not for me. It's so loud and hokey-haunted-house that it robs the movie of ever feeling genuinely scary (the one thing the movie should have absolutely had in common with the book). The cast is surprisingly weak too, coming off as spastic and phony for big stretches of the runtime. Plus, he has the comedic impulses and timing of an 11-year-old boy?

The movie has one or two good scares and a killer Bill Hader, so that's helpful. But overall, not so great.

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