Palm Springs

Palm Springs ★★★★½

Even after reading all the positive reviews I was NOT expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. The whole time-loop thing has been done to death already but I think this found some very creative and entertaining ways to reinvent the concept. The script is snappy and very funny throughout but it still manages to be heartfelt and emotionally satisfying. Andy Samberg has again proved that he is one of the best comedy actors that are currently working and Cristin Milioti gets a well deserved leading role for a change ( J.K Simmons also gives a very entertaining supporting performance). There are some shoddy VFX but I think they generally add to the charm of some of the funnier sequences. This is an overall very impressive debut feature from Max Barbakow and a lot of the crew who are mostly newcomers. The film is full of creative, interesting shots and an absolutely joyful soundtrack. I can see myself watching this one a lot in the future and I think it brings just the right energy for the depressing time that it’s been released. I think it’s also a big win for the wealth of VOD/Streaming releases that we have been getting recently. Emphatic Period.

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