Olaf's Frozen Adventure ★★★

To those who say this doesn't deserve to be played before Coco:
You have no idea how it feels to live in a country that was already rewarded with Paddington 2 and is too small and concerned about the success of Star Wars to make room for Coco and save this miserable year for animation, rather than just put Coco a week before Star Wars so that people can worry less about spoilers and boot Ferdinand into January where it belongs, so because nobody outside the faith demographic's likely to bother with The Star they make recompense for this loss by turning it into a two-day event including Frozen itself, so that means having to walk into a full house on a Saturday morning and put up with children in the back screaming every character's names at the top of their lungs, while families have no clue where they're supposed to be seated or came in a day earlier than they were supposed to with your seat booked.

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