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  • The Flash

    The Flash

    The "baby shower" bit is sheer demented chaotic comic book brilliance and for a while it's hard to tell with Muschietti being a horror man whether or not a lot of the grotesqueness and ugliness is deliberate aside from the giant CG nostalgia phonotrope. Too bad the rest of the movie is absolutely inexcusably uggo garbo, cursed to the core, with one of the greatest corporate exploitation problems in modern movies; Tim Burton's Batman being used without the director's consent…

  • The Monkey King

    The Monkey King


    "Shaolin Soccer!"

    This is one of Netflix's few major animated features that didn't qualify to play theatrically in the UK (whereas Heart of Stone very much did), which is kind of a bummer because this offers plenty of the spectacle we've been clamouring to see from Reel FX since those Looney Tunes shorts - some punchy action, funky character designs and a bomb sequence of 2D animation by Golden Wolf stand out - and I would certainly pay to experience…

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  • Nimona



    “We can’t change how they see us.”

    At this point, you might as well embrace the minor Hollywood annoyances – “awkwaaard” joke and all – because when you have a trans-coded, rascally punk who can steal a show like this, a romantic arc this nuanced, queer/anti-fearmongering text this flagrant, an environment this eye-catching, the year’s most riveting shapeshifting action this side of Dungeons & Dragons and you’re this vulnerable to crying, how can you fall out of love with something as…

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


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    Portrait of a lady on fire.