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  • Brother Bear 2

    Brother Bear 2


    DisneyToon's random love interests they paired with characters that didn't need them and therefore nobody remembers them (except for Kovu) ranked:

    15. Pom Pom (x Lucifer)
    14. John Rolfe (x Pocahontas)
    13. Anda/Kata (x Rutt/Tuke)
    12. Madellaine (x Quasimodo)
    11. Edward (x Wendy)
    10. Angel (x Scamp)
    9. The Baker (x Anastasia)
    8. Angelique (x Lumiere)
    7. Lars (x Cruella)
    6. Ting-Ting/Mei/Su (x Ling/Yao/Chien-Po)
    5. Birdwell (x Kronk)
    4. Kovu (x Kiara)
    3. Nita (x Kenai)
    2. Sylvia (x Goofy)

  • Bambi II

    Bambi II


    Holds the record for the most manipulative “Disney Death” in film history.

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  • Ferdinand



    The horses dab.

    That is all.

  • My Life as a Zucchini

    My Life as a Zucchini


    When you ask an American where babies come from:
    "Babies come from a factory and storks deliver them. And their hair is dyed like the rainbow before delivery!"

    When you ask a Frenchman where babies come from:
    "Exploding willies."

    This movie is a miracle.