The Jungle Book 2

I watched all the Disney cheapquels and now I’m going to rank them from least to most awful (#8)

“What’s the matter, Stripes? Man cub got your tongue?”

At one point in the 90′s, this was to be the first of the cheapquels that would revolve purely around hooking a certain character up with a new love interest, in this case Baloo had to save the love of his life from poachers. That sounded pretty terrible itself, and so does the scrapped idea for a Jungle Book 3 in which Baloo and Shere Khan are captured by a Russian circus and that is somehow enough to make Shere Khan regret his contempt for humanity, but it’s much worse when the final product is a direct rehash of the original made just so easy-to-please tots can have one more outing with these characters. The power of direct-to-video sequels, however, is that the parents don’t have to tag along, and while it’s been 15 years since this was released in cinemas, that doesn’t make its approach any less damning today. It’s a cheapquel that’s flat-out lazy, ugly and clearly only given a theatrical release because that gap in Disney’s slate had to be filled somehow, with original songs so migraine-inducing that you’ll be longing for more Bare Necessities reprises no matter who sings them.