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  • Spotlight



    Now THIS is a horror movie! Spotlight is the investigative journalist team that operates within the Boston Globe, and when their new Editor In Chief (Liev Schreiber) comes on board, he directs them to examine a case of child abuse levied against a catholic priest. What follows is sickening as we, along with the team, uncover the depths of depravity but also the depths in which the church uses its considerable strength to bury the massive amount of abuse perpetrated…

  • The Little Drummer Girl

    The Little Drummer Girl


    focusing more on the personal aspects of losing your identity and wondering what is real and what is spycraft than the original film (but in keeping more to the novel), this tightly directed film by Pak offers a stellar performance by Michael Shannon as the head of the spy directorate, as well as leaving you with a bit of ambiguity over which side has the moral high ground (as it should be in in this world of territorial and religious disputes).

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  • Network



    It’s hard to believe, given our current state of affairs with the evening news being a profit center for the networks (as well a prime instrument for spewing propaganda), but once upon a time the actual news was reported – not one person’s opinion or spinning the content to suit your political agenda – just the news, period.

    So, take yourself back to 1976… where Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather told the news and the mighty three networks were of…

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Wow, what a train wreck, and Nolan only has himself to blame as he not only directed, but is credited (as if anyone would want credit) for co-writing the script as well.

    What’s wrong with the script you might ask (if you were in a mood where you actually might care about this). Well for starters the film seriously plays with time. No, not like some sci fi film, or Nolan’s own Inception, but in the real life (but absurd)…