Julieta ★★★

A nice job of laying out a story, most of which is in flashback, however the story itself seems just as stuck in a morass as the heroine telling the story.

While the plot moves along fairly well during the first half, after an “incident” there's enough guilt to drown the world (and the plot as well). Wallowing in self loathing and depression the titular character loses sight of the equal pain of her daughter until the daughter abandons the mother to find her own way. That there is a light of redemption at the end of the tunnel helps, but wow... the getting there was sure a struggle.

I dunno, there seems to be so many of these guilt ridden films where characters just can't seem to get past what life has dealt them.... I just can't relate – yelling at the screen, “get over it!!!” But I guess some people either don't have the intestinal fortitude or enjoy wallowing and finding blame when there really isn't anything to be blamed for.