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  • Blood Link

    Blood Link


    This Alberto De Martino Slasher/Giallo-hybrid provides us psychological twin-terror with two fine flourished scoops of sleaze on-top. In fact, the atmospheric-tone matches up significantly with De Palma's Dressed to Kill (1980), which doesn't feature the extravagant style, but captures the cold unattached feeling and almost glazed over - hazy to foggy, soft appearance. In recent times I've seen comments on social media describing Michael Moriarty as an outright bad actor, solely because he is hamming it up and his performances…

  • Tintorera: Killer Shark

    Tintorera: Killer Shark


    What makes Tintorera engaging and interesting early on is what makes Tintorera a bogged down bore later on. That wonderful 1970's world-travelogue atmosphere of vibrant beautiful scenes and sounds (featuring Basil Poledouris in whimsical form) eventually becoming played out when you're at the hour-mark sitting around, realizing there's only been one shark attack at that point and wondering 'why isn't anything else happening?'. This is essentially Jules and Jim with threesomes, numerous shark killing (sans Killer Shark 90% of the…

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  • Pierre and Sonny Jim

    Pierre and Sonny Jim


    Sorry David, I watched this on my cellphone.

  • Tokyo Noise

    Tokyo Noise


    Always a fine moment when YouTube recommends actually pulls through with delivering interesting results. Here we have a documentary focusing on the population, surroundings, noise, culture, and ways of life in and around Tokyo, Japan, - drawing on views from notable, intriguing, and eccentric inhabitants themselves. Executed without a defining focus - which is one of the best aspects involved, while being heavily driven by a kinetic piledriving noise score by Johan Soderberg and Zbigniew Karkowski. Featuring Photographer Nobuyoshi Araki…