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  • #Alive



    20. HORRORx52 2022 - Made in South Korea - #Alive (2020)

    Zombies meeting with themes of Technology, I'm not exactly sure how I expected this to completely turn out considering the Zombie genre is a well beyond beaten undead horse currently, however I suppose I expected this to be more integrated with social media than it was - rather than utilized technology in action. Now, #Alive isn't anything exactly new or original to the genre, nor does it try to…

  • Way USA!

    Way USA!


    This was the guy Ian MacKaye was intimidated by...

    Way USA! is absurdist-type of 'all over the place' variety comedy from the 80's that would be featured in late-nite underground programming, and/or stuff like Night Flight that doesn't quite land the way it used to, not only for me ...but in general now. The mistress/dom Jean Hill segment and the interview/monologue(s) from John Waters are fantastic and full of charm, but everything else feels incredibly dated. Love me some Tesco,…

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  • Pierre and Sonny Jim

    Pierre and Sonny Jim

    Sorry David, I watched this on my cellphone.

  • The Farmer

    The Farmer


    On November 4th, 2021 a washed-out and color-faded fuzzy copy of The Farmer (Supposedly sourced from a copy of a copy that was a U-matic tape labeled 'blank' and sold on eBay) had made its way onto YouTube. For a film that's considered 'semi-lost' for the past 40+ years and caught in the extremely tight grip of a very few, this revelation was an incredible moment in cinematic-history and would mean an extraordinarily great deal to many Exploitation/1970's Action fans,…