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  • O.G.



    Jeffery Wright is absolutely magnificent in this all-too-real look at our prison system today and how it (emotionally) affects the incarcerated before, during, and after serving their time. 

    It’s a film about humanizing these people that are so easy to pass off as lesser beings than those who have remained out of the system.

    Our society fails these young men before they even do anything wrong, and this film paints such a beautiful picture of incarcerated individuals and the process…

  • BlacKkKlansman



    Roma is by far my favorite film of the year but as soon as it won Best Foreign Film earlier I knew it was essentially eliminated from winning the big prize. 

    I say that because with that mindset, this film, Blackkklansman, is what I think the Academy Voters should have gone with. You want to reward a movie about race? Not saying you do but it doesn’t matter because Spike Lee’s new film is better than Green Book in like…

Popular reviews

  • Macbeth



    Directing: 10
    Performances: 10
    Cinematography: 10(0)
    Editing: 10
    Score: 10
    Everything: 10

    Director Justin Kurzel has managed to craft, directly from the brilliant source material by William Shakespeare, an astonishingly original, searingly visceral, 'Malickian', and most importantly delicately intimate study into the mind of Macbeth.

    The artistry and craft leaps from every frame of this film. It's fair to say that a person unfamiliar with either this play or the language of Shakespeare's time will have a hard time connecting…

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    Unflinchingly brutal, relentless, beautiful, and challenging... there is so much to say and so much to praise about this near-masterpiece from Alejandro G. Iñárritu. 

    While traveling back to their village after an attack on their camp — the attack being of course filmed in grand, sweeping takes by Emmanuel Lubezki who will most likely make history at this year's Academy Awards — Hugh Glass, an American fur-trapper and frontiersman in the early 1800s (played by a commandingly brilliant and definite-oscar-nominee…