Demolition ★★★★★

Saw it again and it hit me even harder.

Punch-Drunk Love directed by Terrence Malick.

So much of this film plays out like a Terrence Malick film.
Old Malick. Like a "Days of Heaven" prime Malick. More narrative-driven Malick. Yet also very new-Malick as well. 
The use of voiceover over the choppy, sporadic imagery. Like a broken fairy tale or dream. A bunch of pieces falling downwards, hoping they can stay intact once they hit rock bottom.

Its story is weak, you say?

Isn't life like that? Don't you have days where you feel out of place? Like you were randomly placed here? Like nothing seems to be falling in the right place, or order? That's what "Demolition" conveys so brilliantly.

It's a beautiful, sad, funny film, as is life, with towering performances by Gyllenhaal, Cooper, and Watts. If you're looking for the best storytelling/editing/acting/writing of the year, seriously, look no further than Jean-Marc Vallée's newest and best, if you ask me.

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