Macbeth ★★★★★

Directing: 10
Performances: 10
Cinematography: 10(0)
Editing: 10
Score: 10
Everything: 10

Director Justin Kurzel has managed to craft, directly from the brilliant source material by William Shakespeare, an astonishingly original, searingly visceral, 'Malickian', and most importantly delicately intimate study into the mind of Macbeth.

The artistry and craft leaps from every frame of this film. It's fair to say that a person unfamiliar with either this play or the language of Shakespeare's time will have a hard time connecting to this film, but I was utterly transformed. I was lost within the world of this film and the minds of these people. Every setting, every stab, every punch, every tear, every cry... truly rung deep within my soul.

I deeply felt every moment of this film.

Macbeth is now my #1 film on my 2015 Ranked List.


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