Room ★★★★

Now it's probably too late and not even worth mentioning because this was a book originally, but if to this point you've somehow avoided trailers or any plot synopses for this film, CONTINUE TO DO SO. Don't even go on its IMDb page, because that alone gives away too much.

So I saw Room literally knowing nothing about it, and let me tell you that this film would have been a completely different (and lesser) experience if I had went into it with prior knowledge of the story.
So basically try go into this film with as much of a blank-slate-mentality as you can manage.

Now with that out of the way....
"Room" is a beautiful, moving, and profoundly written film that suffers from just not being perfect, which I know is a weird thing to say, but it's just not as fully rounded as it seems it could have been, while it has all the makings of it. Certain moments could have given me more. This almost feels like a (fantastic) first draft that just needs some input and tweaking here and there to fully deliver that heft that it sets out to give you.

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are absolute marvels to watch, and Lenny Abrahamson (weird name when you think about it right?) directs everyone with such understanding that it seems as if this story was his own. Other well known actors and actresses stop by for great work as well, and Emma Donoghue, also responsible for the book, writes one of the most beautiful, stark, and profound screenplays of the year, yet it occasionally delves into preachiness at times, I will admit.

To specify, Room gets a very high 4 out of 5 from me. I loved it. But didn't LOVE it. You know what I'm sayin.
In my top 20 of the year.
Check it out.

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