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    "Bliss consists of Markopoulos’ signature montage style; working with the smallest cinematic unit of measurement (single frames), otherworldly superimpositions, rich engagement with color (he did not allow his students to work with black and white stocks while teaching at the Chicago Institute of Art), and rapid editing of static compositions. Similar to Sorrows (1969) in its montage, images of the interior and exterior of the church seem to move within and without one another, though often with the frame divided…

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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    Absurd as it is that this has occupied the top rated spot on this site for about two years now, no other work in recent memory has bridged the gaps between serial narrative drama and experimental shorts, the standard cinematic look and wild amateur energy, 'TV' and 'cinema' with such cool assurance. There are endless cliffhanging threads of mystery to hook the casual tv viewer who just wants 'an immersive story', there is expansive 'world building' for those types who…

  • Eniaios


    FYI there will be a live-stream of an excerpt from Eniaios in about 17 hours! Link to the stream can be found here:

    "Beavers explained the terms Eniaios and Temenos – both Greek words with multiple meanings; where the former is both ‘unity’ and ‘uniqueness’, the latter refers to a special holy site set aside, one where nothing is born and nothing dies. A site which rests outside of the traditional passage of time as we know it, perfectly…