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  • All the Best

    All the Best

    I don't know that I have much 'reach' in the Netherlands, but in case you are in Eindhoven, ALL THE BEST is screening (digitally) tonight for free as a part of FLICKERS, for FREE, with a video introduction by me.

    more info here:

    Thanks to Evan Schwartz for starting FLICKERS in NYC and to Pim Vogels for asking to screen this at the first international iteration.

    The next screening of ALL THE BEST will be in New York City,…

  • Topology of Sirens

    Topology of Sirens


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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    Absurd as it is that this has occupied the top rated spot on this site for about two years now, no other work in recent memory has bridged the gaps between serial narrative drama and experimental shorts, the standard cinematic look and wild amateur energy, 'TV' and 'cinema' with such cool assurance. There are endless cliffhanging threads of mystery to hook the casual tv viewer who just wants 'an immersive story', there is expansive 'world building' for those types who…

  • earthearthearth



    Watching the grains of the film dance to remind us all mountains are merely collections of enough grains of dirt, rock — that if you pulverized them, they would leave only meaningless dust.

    Bristling particle dust edges sifting through chunky solid blocks of antimatter. Halos fade, silhouettes linger.

    I’d hesitate to call this work relaxing, what with the constant threat that things will become more hectic and assault the senses, but relative to Saïto’s best known works ('Engram' & 'Trees'), it’s certainly a lot more languid in speed, though no less vibrant.