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  • Surface Tension
  • The Rules of the Game
  • Hail, Sarajevo
  • The Algerian War!

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  • J'accuse


  • Spies


  • H₂O


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  • H₂O



    Simply hypnotizing thanks to its rhythmic, malleable properties. There’s a richness and vividness to the assembly of free-form shapes and patterns. It’s a wonderfully calming tonal poem akin to the cries of nature. It harkens to be the spiritual ancestor for the works of Norman McLaren and Stan Brakhage. By the end of the H2O, its imagery became so powerful I genuinely began to see things that were not there. Not to say hallucinogenic but truly an awe-inspiring experience. A worthy deep cut of the non-narrative variety.

  • The Goddess

    The Goddess


    Burdened by an overwhelming sense of prejudice and pity. Rich orchestration illuminates the relatively simple arc into a hagiographic hymn. The immense sacrifice in the face of bleak circumstances is really what makes this film special. The sincere performance by ill-fated Ryan Lingyu fleshes out and expands upon the Pre-Code influenced parable in a way that cements her flickering legacy. Honest, and occasionally impressionistic, The Goddess is a well deserved gem in the corner of the globe.

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  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    The Holy Mountain is not a deep film, masquerading rather in faux-artistic pageantry under the semblance of "surrealism". Really any other direction this could've gone probably would've been better. Jodorowsky fans might object and say "this isn't his best work, [insert more obscure Jodorowsky film] is". But seeing as this is considered his masterpiece, don't know what this says for my future with his work.

    The film works under clickbait surrealism: hamfisting overt yet meaningless symbols unnecessarily to provoke immediate…

  • Hereditary


    Ladies and Gents: the worst film of 2018. No film will be more stupid, unoriginal, and idiotic than this. I honestly cannot believe it was this horrendously awful.

    There's so much wrong with the film. It's not just poorly written or poorly acted, it's everything in between as well.

    Like, how is this so beloved? Hereditary is a shallow recycling of every classic slow-burn horror. It makes multiple references as if in respect, but the result is cringeworthy homage. Neither…