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  • Red Desert

    Red Desert


    Antonioni subverts expectations almost immediately. He opens with workers on strike, a plot line screaming Italian melodrama. He shows Monica Vitti walking in this crowd, approaching a man that we can only assume is her husband. And yet, the whole beginning is a lie: it is not her husband. In fact, her husband is not one of the strikers, but a cog in bureaucratic efficiency. We never see these strikers again, we depart from the factory moments later never to…

  • The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun

    The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun


    Insincerely optimistic, a sardonic tableaux if anything. The key is perseverance, in spite of those that drag you down. Towards the end it began to draw parallels with films of the past, intersecting with street gang shenanigans of Los Olvidados.

    There’s a lot to unpack in so short amount of time, I’m sure Mambety’s choice to emphasis monetary transaction means more than meets the eye. Especially Silli’s naive support of the Government-run newspaper, etc.

    A tale of independence fiercely rejecting society’s shackles and a rigged deck. Didn’t really do a whole lot for me, but I see the vision.

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  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    The Holy Mountain is not a deep film, masquerading rather in faux-artistic pageantry under the semblance of "surrealism". Really any other direction this could've gone probably would've been better. Jodorowsky fans might object and say "this isn't his best work, [insert more obscure Jodorowsky film] is". But seeing as this is considered his masterpiece, don't know what this says for my future with his work.

    The film works under clickbait surrealism: hamfisting overt yet meaningless symbols unnecessarily to provoke immediate…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Okay, I saw this a couple days ago conflicted with my thoughts on the film, and now I've made up my mind: Spiderverse just isn't a good film.

    The script and landscape animation are admittedly very good. The abstract design and colors give a facade of greatness on the hands of Lord and Miller. However, despite the aforementioned aspects, the rest of the film is a mess of fascist anarchy and lazy drawing.

    As Jean-Luc Godard once said, "Call a…