Do the Right Thing ★★★★½

If this was compared to Crash, Crash would be a masterpiece.

Very well done! Everything from the technicals to the delivery, Do The Right Thing is very well done. Starting with the delivery, the acting is phenomenal. Everyone in the large ensemble that makes this film has their time to shine. Pitch perfect acting. really makes you immersed into the world of the film.

The Technical aspect of the film is another standout. The camera angles and the sound design in particular create the unique style Do The Right Thing contains. The script is also very well written, each character is built with their own personality that is amplified by the said style created.

Finally, the film is rooted in its themes of racial prejudice and love vs hate. The hot summer day is symbolic of the tensions that arise on the day, and its amalgamate when all hell breaks loose. Its themes and symbolism are all there, constantly rooted in our minds, because of the screenplay, because of the style, because of the acting, and because of Spike Lee.

There's nothing much more I can but, what a wonderful film!