Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★½

Continuing my binge of Japanese films...

One of the most important goals for a film of such length as Love Exposure is keeping the audience invested in the story; and it manages to do this, to an extent.

There is much to admire in the film: the acting of both the main and supporting characters are superb. Sion Sono's control and precision via the script and direction keep it fun and exciting throughout. Not to mention the thematic juxtaposition -- noting the close relation between religion and perverse acts -- which adds the right amount of substance for the 4-hour behemoth.

Though Love Exposure can be clearly seen as a great film, both in technical and thematic merit, what bogs it down is investment. I can totally understand why someone would give it 5 stars, however my investment in the film's events start to decrease after the 100 minute mark. I was still entertained per say by the rest of the film, but for the next 2 hours the only thing that kept me in it was my hope that Aya Koike would die; (sorry but it's true).

By all means a good film, probably even a great film, but right now, on first watch, I am to keep it at 3.5 stars. That is all.

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