Mad Max ★½

Such a deceptively wasteful 93 minutes. It’s 25 minutes of plot with an hour of next-to-useless filler. I’m not trying to say that Fury Road is 100x better — it probably is — but there’s just a whole lot wrong with the original that needs mentioning.

To give the film some credit, there are two redeemable aspects to Mad Max. Those being the cinematography and costume design; both making the film more alive and organic in its worldbuilding.

But after that...

First, as I mentioned with all the filler, the pacing to this film is pretty awful. The film starts with a high-octane car chase, which descends into an hour worth of slow, campy melodrama.

With twenty minutes left the film finally resumes to a more action-based tone, but overall it’s highly inconsistent and choppy. The film isn’t sure whether it wants to be a revenge thriller, buddy cop adventure, or campy b-movie. Thankfully Fury Road figures that out.

And from a technical side, the sound mixing is pretty jarring and choppy. The score and sound effects will fluctuate drastically between shots, causing the viewer to come out of the experience — not like there was any real experience worth watching.

I could say more about the poor quality of the film. It’s campy, choppy, bloated, etc. But at this point I’m tired and I just want to put it behind me. Mad Max is not a good movie. That is all.

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