Overlord ★★★★

A numbingly fragmented and subjective experience. Overlord is set up like a personal soldier’s diary — or perhaps, a veteran reminiscing upon his service; from the romanticism of comradeship, to the PTSD of the violence and horrors of war.

Even for 83 minutes, the concept of structuring WWII as a free-flowing memory can only last so long. Yet it works tremendously here. It’s heavily focused on creating an atmosphere and a mood.

Editing and Sound are crucial elements of the storytelling. The film starts with a minute of darkness, with sounds of the war effort welcoming the audience.

And playing with the fragmented structure of the film, the editing collides with the sound design, creating brilliant juxtapositions and generating emotion from the weighty content.

Not to mention the gorgeous black-and-white visuals, harkening back to the wartime footage that we imagine WWII looking like. 

Overall, a really good film. Going into it, only 3 people I follow had seen it, that should really change. That is all.

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