Pépé le Moko ★★★★

For anyone interested in the style and flair of 30s cinema, Pepe le Moko is a prime watch. The camerawork is agile and modern, the story feels original and alive. Yet the lighting and atmosphere is nostalgically 30s. It's a piece of cinema meant for those who cherish the old, now lost.

Jean Gabin is excellent here. But what's most worthy of praise is the depiction of our antagonist: Inspector Slimane. His character represents a cinema of no true evil or true good. The hero not righteous, the villain not despicable. In fact he is a likable man, even Pepe le Moko can't help but respect him. The key role of the antagonist is not to be unlikable and evil, they're role is to serve as a counterbalance to the protagonist's motives. This is where cinema has changed so much over 80 years.

Anyways, good film. Would recommend. That is all.

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