The Friends of Eddie Coyle ★★★★

It’s a very apt title for the film. It’s not necessarily about Eddie Coyle as it is about the criminally underbelly that surrounds him, whether that be following the antics of his connections, etc.

What makes this film so fascinating to watch is how different from the norm it feels. It’s not like the crime dramas from Scorsese or Coppola. The Friends of Eddie Coyle displays the realm of crime less shown: the finks, the arms dealers, and the ex-felons trying to survive.

There’s no romanticism about this film. What’s done has to be done, no glossing whatsoever. It’s gritty and simplistic, no filler or padded transitions to relax the viewer’s conscious.

Plus it’s expertly made. The occasional wide angle lens shot gives the film a dynamic look. That is all.