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Films like Shop Around the Corner are a sweet-spot for me. It's nearly impossible not to enjoy the simple character interactions -- polite and humble -- all credit going to the spellbinding script. My love for this niche, my respect for Lubitsch as a filmmaker, it makes Shop Around the Corner so wonderful to watch.

James Stewart, Margaret Sullivan, William Tracy, and frankly the entire cast manage to be enjoyable and charming to watch. Looking at each act, each scene, each circumstance, no splotch or smear can be found. Everything is so soothing and relaxing. Whenever I am stressed or uneased, films like Shop Around the Corner are the perfect remedy; and I hope others feel the same.

His 4 classics completed, each one their own great film. And from those 4, it is apparent that Lubitsch needs a deeper dive, from his underrated Hollywood films to his obscure silent gems. I salute thee, thy touch touches another soul today. That is all.

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