Parasite ★★★★★

What a film.

cinematography, thematic build, symbolism, shots, angles, story, characters, acting.

It's art. THE FILM of 2019. I'm logging this film after the oscars, and yes, I held off on my review because I wanted a moment to think but there was no fault in it's receiving of FOUR academy awards.

I wanted to write a review about the beauty of this film but instead I want to do one for the culture.
To see that stage filled with Asian men and women, accepting the award for best film-- it's a look I never once thought I would see. This film represented the growth of film diversity in the last decade. For once in my life I can go to the theaters and see films that represent me. Crazy Rich Asians, The Farewell, Parasite, Mulan (soon!); The '10s were for Asian representation and as time passes I hope to see more beautiful foreign faces filling the Oscar stage and claiming well deserved awards.

For now, take the time to go to your local theater and watch the film of the year.