Strangers on a Train ★★★½

This film has been critically-lauded and was a big success for Hitch. It is quite good, though for me, the film unhinges in the last moments with the scene on the carousel. This particular scene is laughable and is so over-the-top, it almost mars the entire film that has come before. The implausibility of it casts a negative pall over an otherwise great film.

There is a lot to admire here though. The Hitchcockian suspense is undeniable at many times throughout the film. The tennis match scene is expertly directed in the characters’ race against a ticking clock. I liked the parallel editing during the seemingly unending stretch of Bruno Anthony’s (Robert Walker) arm as he attempts to retrieve a dropped lighter in a sewer. The performances (Walker, Farley Granger) are quite good too.

For me, this is lesser-Hitchcock; not a masterpiece, but a commendable achievement.