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  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    As kids, I'm sure a lot of us have looked up into the sky at night with our curious eyes and wonder what's out there in space. Along with my bewilderment is the very intimidation I proxied from the vastness of it, aligning with idea of our innate fear of the unknown merely as we imagine to enter unfamiliar territory with prospection. James Gray's Ad Astra strives to capture the very thematic essence of it and incorporates it with human…

  • Gozu



    not sure where and how to start with my review since Gozu is one of those films that pushes the boundaries of surreal storytelling in accordance with its sheer eccentricity. Such eccentricity is comparable to the ones of Takashi Miike's other well known cult films such as Ichi The Killer and Audtion, all of which gravely concern thematic explotation of deprived sex, ultra violence and bodily horror with a heavier emphasis on psychological awareness and social conformity.
    The world of…

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  • Mayonnaise



    I did not have my expectations built up for this movie at all since I know mother-daughter relationship is one of the few subjects that I rarely pay attention to. More to that I did not expect such subject to be brought onto the stage under an enigmatic, seemingly non-relevant title like this one.

    ah-jung is a housewife and an insurance sales queen in her 30s with a young child to look after. She is reminded of her bond with…

  • Parasite



    It's been a while since a movie has 'infected' me on a personal/emotional and conceptual level at the same time. Bong Joon Ho has already ascended himself to cult status with many of his other well known films such as snowpiercer, memories of murder and okja. This time, he has launched a even greater impact on the korean(or to an extent, world) cinema with his latest masterpiece 'Parasite', a film that crosses the border of conventional filmmaking and unfolds a…