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  • Chained



    Oh JEEZ.

    I’ve been anticipating watching this for a long while. I didn’t know what to expect, but damn I wasn’t expecting this. 
    A deeply distressing character study on a misogynistic serial killer and his traumatized captive. Jennifer Lynch makes a name for herself, detaching from her father’s surrealist terror to create her own masterpiece in realistic, gritty, horror. It’s bleak and dismal and consistently hard to watch. Not due to lack of talent, but due to the content matter.…

  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle

    We Have Always Lived in the Castle





    I’m a dumb bitch and accidentally rented this through my boyfriend’s Amazon Prime 🙃 Seems like it is trying to be Stoker in so many ways except the script is nothing compared to it. All actors commit to their zany and completely strange characters but the material they’re given does not truly allow for those performances to shine. I wanted to love this but it’s just so messy, I really wish…

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  • Lover



    First things first that I need to say before I even begin to process any sort of coherent thought: When I think of Ralph, I think of how much of a friend he is and the fact that he willingly watched The Originals and didn’t criticize it because of how much I loved it. There’s so much more I could say, BUT let me just say this: Seeing that Ralph was able to make his film that he worked so…

  • Hereditary



    this is a different movie when high