School Daze ★★★★

I loved it! I think it’s the very best movie on greek life, hands down! You heard that right Animal House fans. While Animal House is legit hilarious (except the stuff that hasn’t aged well), I found School Daze to be the most accurate example of life as a college student, especially in greek life. Besides the partying, it is great at showing pledging, hazing, chapter meetings, the greek events/philanthropies, GDIs, and initiation. I like the dynamics of the women and feminism shown in this movie. I found it very accurate when it comes to dating and promiscuity in that film. Also it’s very funny and relatable. A great screenplay by Spike and some great performances by Laurence Fisbourne, Giancarlo Esposito, and even Spike did really good in it! My favorite movie showing college life ever. Critics note that this is a great movie on black culture and props to that!