Kings of Nowhere

Kings of Nowhere ★★★½

You won't find many documentaries more beautifully shot than Los Reyes, nor will you find many better 'characters,' but this documentary raises as many questions as it answers. Garcia clearly choses to focus on the magical realist aspects of this amazing place, a town that was flooded by a dam where a few families stubbornly live on, squatting in the homes of the formerly better-off. A junk band played by children appears out of nowhere. A lone cow lives on an island. What's really interesting about this documentary is the people, who for various reasons are determined to stay. Garcia includes things for which she has no good explanation though. Why does the tortilleria still operate? Who's buying these tortillas? More importantly, what is the nature of the vague threat of cartel violence that the residents experience and fear, but never really comes into view?

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