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  • A Troll in Central Park
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • Bartok the Magnificent
  • The Secret of NIMH

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  • Back to Basics: Live and Down Under


  • Lost River


  • Jackass 4.5


  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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  • Ambulance



    Characters moving between an impossible universe, the camera as a device to tear the seams of subjective reality, people bowing and destroying the performative roles that have been perpetrated by their environment, speed as a means to run away and find something new, emotion as tool to connect the tissue of distanced souls, villians as saviours, heros as enemies, the pretences we have built our world on being exposed for the arbitrary opaque mess that they are, coping with loss…

  • All Dogs Go to Heaven

    All Dogs Go to Heaven


    Today there's sun, they said there'd be snow
    When all said and done, it's fun not to know
    What keeps my heart humming
    Is guessing what's coming
    Let me be surprised
    Oh, ain't it great
    When fate lets you wait
    The world seems mirthless
    You feel worthless
    And suddenly there's a big
    Bone on your plate

    Oh, Charlie, please remember
    Down there's a world of used cars
    And singles bars, broken dreams
    And out of reach stars

    Bang! The shot…

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  • Back to Basics: Live and Down Under

    Back to Basics: Live and Down Under


    A woman singing her heart out for the whole world to see, traversing through Americana destroying the original ethos through sexually charged iconography that seeks to demystify and bring power back to the ones who were wronged. Spellbinding, from one moment it's absurdly camp then it's unabashedly tugs at your heart strings (Aguileras Oh Mother segment is so heartbreaking). There's so slouching here, the costumes, choreography, the theming, the three act arc it's all so immaculate. Actual angel dust on this taping, transcendent and magic perhaps the greatest thing ever graced amongst us mere mortals.

  • Lost River

    Lost River


    Long afloat on shipless oceans
    I did all my best to smile
    'Til your singing eyes and fingers
    Drew me loving to your isle
    And you sang
    Sail to me, sail to me
    Let me enfold you
    Here I am, here I am
    Waiting to hold you

    Did I dream, you dreamed about me?
    Were you here when I was full sail?
    Now my foolish boat is leaning
    Broken lovelorn on your rocks
    For you sing
    Touch me not, touch…

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  • The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back

    I like how when the minute George leaves the whole studio descends into chaos, Yoko, Paul, Ringo and John just start playing this avant-garde freak out, Paul's swinging on the metal bars, waltz dancing, everyone turns into a yelling banshee, absolute insanity. Quite spellbinding, emotional and confounding as a piece of documentary narrative art. Really nails home the stress and uneasiness that can come from creation, proves that real life can have as much tapestry as a great work of…

  • Scream



    Oh my god, oh my fucking god um I don't even know where to start. Lets just say this is a loving continuation of what Scream 4 was doing, someone actually took Cravens message to heart and put it into practice. Wes wanted us as audiences to take the tragedy seriously, witness without detachment, question things but always remain in good faith and operate with compassion. This new Scream carries these directives and normalizes them within the Scream universe. Samantha…