Cruella ★★★★½

Hi darling, I have to say I had yet another fabulous time watching this campy diabolical film. It balances the whole Disney princess ethos with a modernist capitalist framing, dark as it is emotionally resonant. I'm glad they made Cruella empathetic rather than going for the obvious apathetic dog killer trait, it shows the filmmakers desire to enhance the emotional core rather than going for cheap cynicism. Even if it is seen as contemptible to put an absurd amount of needle drops in your Disney family film I think this choice helps develop its own language, each song mirroring the tone of a scene or mirroring each character's headspace.

Yes, it's juvenile and over-indulgent but darling that's exactly who Cruella is. I do really adore Stones portrayal of Estella/Cruella, she is fabulously camp but I think she also nails the more emotional aspects of her character. When things start falling apart for her it hits hard, the system she has been fighting and the people in her life have let her down. That's why it feels so vindicating when she finally triumphs over all, not only is there hope for her there's hope for us, maybe we can fight this system too. I couldn't forget how divine she looks in those gorgeous outfits, I can't pick a favourite they have such beautiful qualities to them (One that springs to mind is the outfit with the Pill Box hat).

Cruella certainly invokes cult ethos, it's got hints of past cult classics (Rocky Horror duh) but it's ultimately a Disney Princess story with a macabre twist. It's not the first of its kind (some of its stylistic elements come from past films), being a Disney film and all it feels slightly restrained but it makes up for it in pure glamour and personality. Who knows maybe this is the start of a new era for Disney, one with more passion and excitement. Now excuse me I got a ball to attend, ta ta!

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