Cruella ★★★★★

You can't care about anyone else. Everyone else is an obstacle. You care what an obstacle wants or feels, you're dead. If I cared about anyone or thing, I might have died like so many brilliant women with a drawer full of unseen genius and a heart full of sad bitterness. You have the talent for your own label. Whether you have the killer instinct is the big question.

I hope I do.

Yeah no darling I can't keep lying to myself this is amazing, everything I stand for is within this motion picture. Music video type filmmaking, values friendship and catharsis (Horace and Jasper are the best side characters prove me wrong), a film about our systems and the people who get mistreated by them (and yes CAPITALISM, yes I said the word darling), two lead actresses who are constantly trying to out camp each other, camera just moves wherever it feels like, those FUCKING COSTUMES (That Dalmatian coat at the punk fashion walk like cmon) and that soundtrack is to die for. Could endlessly rewatch this and still could not get enough, this film makes me wanna rob or some shit idk, what did we do to deserve this movie on god.

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