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This review may contain spoilers.

Idk man like the fact that this captures what it's like to be neurodivergent, young and wanting to share love but the channels to express that love are out of reach I just think it's so healing. Very intimate, solemn yet ultimately so humanist and jives well with my spiritual sensibilities. The scene where Donnie walks Gretchen home made me almost cry. I think the fact that he burnt down a house in his past, trying to recover from that and now meets someone who gone through a similar experience, must be so affriming for him. It really hit hard this time and the fact that he loses her later on just makes my heart break. I think that Frank is a manifestation of a cosmic force and Donnie takes some form of comfort in it; as a tangible being to explain his alienation. Then when that same force ends up killing his girlfriend it's a literalization of his mental state caving in, a reflection of everything he was fearful of. The girl he loved was taken from him, the one person that brought him to new infinite possibilities is gone and he can't do anything about it no matter how hard he tries. The only option is to take reality and form it to your wish, to heal and to take your spiritual channel to a new world. Being as giving as he is Donnie still saves everyone, they will never know but Donnie became everything he wanted to be, not alone anymore, helping others so they can live the lives they want.

Ever since seeing Blonde I feel like the part of the brain that was adverse to media in some fashion was killed, my reactions are no longer a push and pull it is now complete immersion with the art. I don't think I ever will be grateful enough for that I think I have a chance now, I now believe people really do love me and see my value. I'm so glad I've arrived and I can only go up from here.

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