F9 ★★★★½

Reconciling the relationships and demons of your past through a hodgepodge of fantastical stakes and action set pieces that charge into your heart of hearts. Feels like an out of body experience at times, I felt whisked away like a Disney Princess especially in the last act. Everybody in this film feels together and apart all at once, fragmented souls passing by (Dom and Jakob's relationship) contrasted with the main crew's synergy. Dom has this spiritual experience that ya boi well up in the cinema, euphoric and cutting simultaneously (reaches for the stars and makes it).

What makes it all worth it is the conceit that we can all be redeemed by compassion and understanding, lifting each other up into an elated state of consciousness. When we drive we drive together, not apart, we bare our souls in hopes of a new beginning, a new dawn awakening. If the heavens can't lift us up we must look to each other, we can really do it, no compromise, no cop-outs. The Furious films are the constant reminder of this and I think we need that now more than ever.

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