Ritual ★★★½

Watching this kind of reminded me how far I've come as a person. These two characters echo my state of mind about two years ago, everything was cyclical. Moments of euphoria were experienced but the process of just existing and living was a difficult one. You wonder around the same locations, having the same conversations. My anxiety being the bearer of my reaction, it was all too much to handle. Then I started going to therapy and it changed everything, I learnt how to open my mind up and see the beauty of everything around me. Later I started meditating daily and this allowed me to go outside my ego, just see the world in a state of pure consciousness.

All this allowed me to control my mind better and now I know I am not helpless, I can be happy, I can be me. Now my life feels like the inverse of how I felt years ago. This film showed me how far I've come and how much still lies ahead. Anno would probably share my sentiments, I'm sure he would look back at this work and say how much he has changed from his younger more impressionistic self. It's not a mature work but it's one thats very truthful and mirrors how alot people go through life. By the time Anno got to Thrice Upon a Time he achieved personal serenity, someday I hope I get there too.

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