Tenet ★★★½

Going into this on a second viewing I thought this was only gonna grow off me but surprisingly I liked it more? Now being somewhat familiar with the plot I could focus on more on the feel of the film and I got more out of it. One thing I picked up last time but didn't fully realise until now is the meta commentary/satire. This film questions and explores the role of the protagonist, posing the question: Why does the protagonists have to confine themselves to the limitations of the film itself?

The main character goes through all this senseless time travel mumbo jumbo and for what reason? To make ourselves feel smart for understanding the plot that surrounds him? The film doesn't concern itself with emotional depth because Nolan films operate in a world where that concept is a footnote. While on one hand it doesn't give me that emotion relatability but on the other hand it calls into question why we enjoy seeing these characters being thrown into these cold robotic worlds without any moment of understanding for the person behind the spectacle. Now I fully admit this might not be Nolan's intention but there definitely seems to be some juicy postmodern deconstructionist vibes radiating off this.

I still have the same qualms as before, Nolan's women characters need work (with the sound mix simultaneously being atrocious and gloriously chaotic) but as soon as I started to let go and let the film take hold of me, I started to realise that Nolan might be a little more than a paranoid trust fund baby.

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