The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back ★★★★½

Ringo: I farted

This is the great postmodern narrative documentary chill out stoner movie hybrid of our times. Probably the most laborious film about the creative process out there, this immerses you every step of the process to the point where you feel like your doing the project with them. When that final rooftop performance happens it's perhaps one of the most cathartic experiences I've had with a film period. Here Jackson absolutely goes off, incorporating multiple camera angles that tell various stories, almost like a finely tuned narrative film. The lines between reality and narrative have reached its harmony, feels like a perfect marriage. The way it has stakes and dramatic weight yet this is reality we're seeing here (truly encapsulates the pharse art imitating life and vice versa). The Beatles are at peace with their own narrative, after many attempts of them trying to craft it they let their inhibitions go, they let it be what it was always meant to be. Feels truly postmodern in the sense that the film itself is having a conversation about its purpose while being a direct documentation of the project they're trying to bring to life.

But god do these guys love each other, that have such affection for each other. Moments of fragility and vulrnablity feel sacred to each of them, the way they look at each other (especially on the rooftop) shows an admiration that goes beyond words (there's a scene where Paul looks like he's bout to cry after George leaves and it's incredibly harrowing). Truly a film that formally bends to the will of the current circumstances, one minute the editing will be chaotic, or reserved when they are having a conversation or joyous when the Beatles are joking around, this has such a spectrum of editing modes. A slowcore indie joint that I'm honestly surprised Disney let come out in its final form. As a fan that has formed an emotional connection with their music this was a dream come true and watching it with a close friend who echos those sentiments was such a humbling serene experience and I would be more than willing to take another go around at the turn of a hat.

Side note: Hope this makes people realize Yoko Ono is a adorable cool lady. She is always respectful, comes in for the best jams (love my avant garde freak-outs). It's really obvious how much Yoko and John loved each other deeply, just so cute and wholesome. Also check out her albums please you won't regret it.

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