Xanadu ★★★★★

Art as it exists inherently, without bias, criteria or an identifiable basis, just pure feeling, movable image and form. The film yearns for the propulsion and advancement of art while taking past forms and mixing them together without pretence (so many styles and decades being evoked here). Most films are afraid to be Xanadu because it requires shattering of good taste and earnestness, something a lot of artists don't possess.

Breathtaking, beautiful, it's a film about love, its texture is empathy, the songs all perfectly communicate this with the utmost fluidity. This kind of thing gets me so emotional, I was absolutely immersed and like all great films, it was something truly experienced and felt. The existence of this is nothing short of a miracle.

Side note: This would make an amazing triple feature with Lady in the Water and Cats. Both films about the progression of art forms and the destruction of supposed artistic barriers.

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