Xanadu ★★★★★

Olivia you delivered unspeakable beauty, your music, this film, the gifts you gave to the world only come around once in a lifetime and you dropped it from the palm of your hand. Watching this felt like I was seeing her essence, her memory and her value as an artist being captured. Makes sense that a film about how art is the cornerstone to the world (and works best without preconceptions, no limited parameters) is the ultimate film about Olivia. What she gave to the world, how she inspired and pushed other artists forward, a jewel within the eyes of many. As she disappeared when Xanadu hit homebase I didn't want her to go, I cried and felt hurt but I know she's gone to somewhere shimmering, beyond any tangible concept of joy, finding refuge and peace among the stars, her own Xanadu. RIP Olivia you were a real one <3333

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