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  • Dead Poets Society
  • Synecdoche, New York
  • Black Swan
  • Howl's Moving Castle

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  • Adventure Time: Stakes


  • The Green Knight


  • Over the Garden Wall


  • Dead Poets Society


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  • Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissorhands


    blah blah blah capitalistic exploitation of workers blah blah… acceptance of divergency only when it serves the interests of the elite blah blah… failure of deontological ethics… toxic masculinity… retelling of frankenstein…

    cute emo himbo

  • The Raid

    The Raid


    the choreography was great and the plot with the brother was a lovely twist.

    something something "what do moral choices mean in supremely oppressive social hierarchies?" ... coerced dehumanisation of the struggling poor for the war on drugs and the benefit of the rich and the elite ... police framed as good even though systemic corruption was the root of all conflict... blah blah blah

    i absolutely hated it. by far the worst movie i've ever watched. i knew i…