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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
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  • The Cotton Club

    The Cotton Club


    I watched the Encore cut.

    I really enjoyed the gangster/musical mash-up. The whole cast is fantastic and entertaining—especially Gregory Hines and excluding Richard Gere (except for his cornet playing) who sounds as flat as Harrison Ford's narration in the theatrical cut of Blade Runner (1982).

    I think I may have seen the theatrical cut at some point in the past but it might have been a different movie about a Cotton Club type of place…

  • The Contractor

    The Contractor


    Pine Night, Part 1/3

    Much better than I expected action thriller.
    It's pensive and patient. Solid minimalist action choreography and military detail.
    My only complaint is the odd edit here and there—like a lack of coverage or pickup shots—that is nonetheless frequent enough to appear intentional.

    This is what I was hoping Without Remorse (2021) would be.