Nostalgia ★★★★½

Andrei Tarkovsky Ranked

What is NOSTALGHIA about? Hell if I know. Something about loss, memory, yearning for home, yearning for a time long since past, an immense fear of the future, rituals and why we do them, the meaning of gesture and favor, homesickness, love, deceit, finding something you're missing in someone else, that irreplaceable feeling of belonging that is on occasion (or very often) ripped away. It's hard, like most Tarkovsky films, to point to a frame, an image, its plot, or ideas and describe it fluently. Tarkovsky speaks in the words of feeling, of artistic intent, impression and expression. And thus, our meager faculties of language often do not do his films justice.

What makes me love this more than SOLARIS, MIRROR, or IVAN'S CHILDHOOD? I could not say. What made this intense sorrow well up inside me? I could not say. Why did the simple act of carrying a lit candle across a dredged hot spring evoke wonder and cause my jaw to drop? I could not say. What I can say is that NOSTALGHIA affected me deeply, stronger than almost all of Tarkovsky's other films. How or why? I'm not sure. But, I'm simultaneously grateful and in awe of cinema's power and how Tarkovsky utilizes it.

Absolutely one of his best. <3

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